VGO can put a staff person in a home even when no one is readily available. Staff can be more productive because they can be in more places.

  • Powered by Verizon
  • Hear, see, speak and move
  • Returns to charger when not in use
  • More personal then most home monitoring systems

Where to buy: ($7K) Verizon


Anki Drive


Slot car racing for a new generation. No longer are users tethered to the track and best yet racers can use any number of devices in any size needed to control their car.

  • Cars stay on track
  • Pick user level
  • Add cars
  • Use iPhone or iPad
  • Build dexterity

Where to buy: ($149) Gamestop, Best Buy

Kevo Door Lock


Wifi connected door lock allows multiple users, remote monitoring and notifications. No need for keys when using the fob or a smart phone.

  • Multiple users, change anytime
  • No keys required
  • email or text notifications

Where to buy: ($220) Best Buy, Verizon, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, Apple



Jira can help manage any type of ticketing needs including tech support and maintenance requests.

Jira is very robust even though the cost is nominal.

  • Allow employees to make service requests from any connected devise through a web portal
  • Assign tasks to responders
  • Follow progress and completion of tasks
  • Mobile App for responders
  • Completely web based or host yourself

Where to buy $10 and up)

Sphero Ball


sphero logo

Creative play and teaching tool. Easy to use from a phone or iPad using the screen or by turning the devise.

Download lessons for even more learning options. The ball not only moves but changes color and performs tricks. A great and fun tool for building dexterity.

Where to buy: ($99)