OPRA Gadget Room


OPRA Fall 2015

IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081



The Gadget Room at the OPRA conference is filled with items that anyone can go out and purchase/borrow today and begin to use immediately. The idea was to allow conference goers the ability to put their hands on cool and useful products. Many of the items are displayed on the homepage.

Assistive Technology of Ohio

Assistive Technology of Ohio (ATO) provided several adaptive items for the OPRA conference.  ATO is a lending library for adaptive equipment. They offer items as simple as picture sets to hi tech computers and iPads. Items can be picked up or shipped for a 30 day lending period.

You can contact ATO at 800-784-3425 http://www.atohio.org/

Apple TV


Gadget Room guests got to play with the Apple TV display. Apple TV allows users to show anything on their Apple Phone, iPad or Computer on a TV screen or using a projector. This includes presentations, movies and photos.

In addition any content purchased in the iTunes store can be streamed. Available from http://www.apple.com ($99) or many retailers including Walmart and Best Buy.


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